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Prudential reveals Thailand's 2016 Prudential Relationship Index
Thais have the highest proportion in Asia experience couples' arguments,
often through spending too much time on the computer or smartphone

........" Thailand ranks 5th out of 10 Asian countries in overall relationship fulfillment
" Thais have the highest proportion in Asia experience couples' arguments, and one of the most likely sources of angst between couples is spending too much time on the computer or smartphone
" Parents in Thailand are the most generous in the region with the highest frequency of giving gifts to their children
" Thais ranks 2nd in Asia for relationship satisfaction with their parents, but also 1st for reporting arguments with their parents
" Thais value relationships with friends very highly, ranking 3rd in Asia
........Bangkok, 08 February 2017 - Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand), one of the leading insurance brands in Asia serving customers in Thailand for 22 years, reveals the result of the 2016 Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) [1]. The purpose of the PRI is to develop a better understanding of personal relationships between people in Thailand and in other countries in Asia. Thailand scores favourably overall, ranking 5th out of 10 participating countries in the region. Thailand's Prudential Relationship Index satisfaction score is 71/100, considered as a high level of relationship satisfaction (Vietnam scores highest with an index of 83/100). Further, the results also reflect many ideas on how to improve or strengthen people's primary relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues.
........The relationship survey shows surprising results related to digital life issues. Thai couples have the highest frequency of arguments, and addiction to computers or smartphones has become one of the most common causes of arguments between couples. Besides financial issues, drinking and smoking, Thais indicate their partner spends too much time with high-tech devices rather than partaking in involving activities together.
........A supporting culture is widely found among Thais from the survey, especially between parents and their children. Thai parents are the most generous in Asia in terms of giving gifts to their children. Most Thais place a very strong importance on their parents, ranking 2nd in Asia. Somewhat paradoxically, Thai people report that they have the most arguments with parents, more than any other people in the region. Relationships with friends are another aspect of life that Thais give precedence to, ranking 3rd in the region for this category.
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........Mr. Arthur J. Belfer, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company, says that study of the Prudential Relationship Index shows us the relationship status in many aspects of Thai life and between Thai people, and clearly, Thais place an importance on all of their relationship aspects.
........"Relationships are at the heart of our business. We know our customers buy our products to protect the people and relationships they care most about. In addition to standing beside Thais to support their relationships from generation to generation, Prudential also believes that having a better understanding of their relationships, including both positive and negative factors, can allow people to improve their relationships and generate more personal relationship satisfaction in life."
........"The findings from the research are cause for both celebration and concern. We celebrate the fact that people in Thailand have high scores on their relationship satisfaction compared to other countries in Asia. However, the PRI indicated a growing concern among people in relationships regarding a gap that exists between couples because of the excessive use of digital devices. The study is therefore important because it highlights areas in which couples can make improvements and enjoy better and deeper relationships. People should use devices wisely, and prevent themselves from spending too much time that may adversely affect their relationship. Placing more importance and allocating more time to people you love will provide more opportunities to make a life filled with laughter and joy," Mr. Arthur J. Belfer adds.
Relationship Survey in Thailand

........Highest number of arguments in Asia due to smartphone addiction
The 2016 Prudential Relationship Index indicates Thais represent the highest proportion in the region in terms of experiencing upset or dissatisfaction with their partners. In fact, 37% said their partners make them upset weekly. Every week, 28% also seriously consider leaving their partners. The most likely sources of arguments between couples are money (45%), drinking and smoking (35%), and too much time on the computer or phone (32%).
Getting along well is the most important factor in a good relationship
........Thai couples said they mostly appreciate partners who are easy to get along with (77%) as the most important factor for a good relationship. Other qualities include making each other laugh and smile (75%), and willing to do things spontaneously for them (73%).
Parents and Children
........Thai parents are satisfied with the relationships they have with their children
Thais have strong relationships with their children (51/100). Thai parents mostly want to enjoy companionship and interaction with their children (68%), while 61% said it matters being made to laugh or smile by their kids, another important element in parental relationships.
The most generous parents in Asia
........Thai parents are most generous with their children - 76% give their children a nice surprise at least once a week and 43% give them a gift every day. This counts as the highest reported frequency in Asia.
Children and aged parents
Parents are the 1st priority. People stay with parents even after marriage
........Thai people feel satisfied about their relationship with their parents, scoring 54/100 on average. This is the second highest score for parental relationships in the region, with only those in Cambodia having a higher score. Also, 50% of married people in Thailand still live with their own parents or their spouses' parents. They are the most likely in the region to argue with their parents, with 22% of them doing so every week.
Thais put a lot of value on having parents being supportive
........The study showed 73% of adult Thais think it's important that their parents stand up for them. They also feel that they can rely on their parents; 78% believe that their parents would provide help for them in emergencies. These are the highest PRI scores in the region.
Friends and Colleagues
Let's have fun!

........Overall, Thais have a relationship score of 46/100 among friends - the third highest score in the region behind the Philippines and Vietnam. Laughter and smiling is highly important in relationships with friends. More than two-thirds (68%) of Thai adults think it's important that friends make each other laugh or smile.
Finances and Relationships
Emergency support

........Thais are highly likely to have a system of mutual support in case of emergencies, particularly within families. The majority of those surveyed in Thailand feel that they can rely on their parents (78%), relatives (66%), or friends (62%).
........Thais do not only support each other in emergencies - there is substantial mutual financial support day-to-day. Thais are the most likely to give and receive financial support from parents. 79% provide some form of financial support to their parents; 51% say they receive financial support from them. There is also financial inter-dependence within couples, where 73% of men say they provide financial support to their spouses, considered more than women who support their men.
Technology and Relationships
More Thais are prepared to forego technology to improve their relationships!
........Amid the stress of modern life, the digital revolution has impacted relationships in Thailand, where partners and parents often compete with smartphones for love and attention. For instance, over half (51%) said that their partners sometimes prefer using their phones to being intimate with them. Also, 42% of parents think that their children spend too much time on their computers.
........With the addiction to always-on tech, many actually said they are prepared to forego technology, with 93% of people saying they would consider giving up technology for one day so that they can improve their relationships.
........"Besides being distracted by technology that affects relationships, another interesting point is that Thai people likely provide financial support to each other in emergencies, especially in receiving support from parents. I would take up on this point to emphasize the importance of financial preparation for all circumstances in life, so that financial issues do not damage your relationships. Certainly, buying insurance is one of the best options for you to plan and nurture your sustainable relationships very well," Mr. Arthur J. Belfer concludes.
........For more information on the Prudential Relationship Index in Thai and English versions, "That's Me" Relationship Video Clip in Thai version, Please visit:
1. Prudential Corporate Website www.prudential.co.th
2. Prudential Relationship Index Microsite www.prudentialrelationshipindex.com/th/
Notes to Editor
ABOUT the 2016 Prudential Relationship Index

........The Prudential Relationship Index was developed to understand the state of personal relationships in Asia. Given the vital importance of relationships to people's happiness, wellbeing and longevity, the Prudential Relationship Index offers deep understanding and insight into relationships: how to make them stronger, better and more rewarding. More than 5,000 interviews were conducted in 10 countries and territories in Asia. These included Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Interviews were conducted between 13 and 31 July 2016 with adults between 25 and 55 years of age. In Thailand, 500 interviews were conducted online with a representative sample of adults covering Greater Bangkok. Respondents are residents representing the top two-thirds of household income in Bangkok.
ABOUT Prudential
........Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) opened its door for business in Thailand in 1995. As one of the leading insurance brands in Asia serving in Thailand for 20 years, Prudential's range of products and services offers confidence and security. Prudential's operating policy is aimed at responding to customers' needs and delivering superb financial services. Prudential's International Business Model is positioned to provide products and services that meet our customers' savings and protection needs, and to bring financial security to the Thai people.
........The 2016 Prudential Relationship Index involved interviews with 5000 respondents in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam between 13 and 31 July 2016. In Thailand, 500 respondents took part in the study. Ipsos, a leading research firm, conducted the survey.
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