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August 2017
Six Collection 'Riot Girl'

........The latest collection from Matter Makers will bring girls together to enjoy a street wear with synthesis style of punk through the perspective of a rebellious young girl who likes challenges and creative differences. The girls we talked brought fashion from the late '70s and' 80s to make the newest collection "Riot Girl" reflecting the uniqueness of street level. There is a hot spike and also challenge the confidence of the fashionista. Before the stylist details that this girl will start experimenting, we want to remind ourselves of the atmosphere in which we gathered a group of friends for the favorite movie night such as "Witchcraft", where inspired the story of Riot Girl collection which tells us about high school girl lifestyle and their playful exceeded the limits we expected. In this collection, we will remind you of tartan and striped school girl uniform, decorated all over with a school seals. The silhouette of masculine jacket tailored to shape the waist line, which inspired detail of vintage barrette, mix and match with 70's wide leg trousers in fetish style and metal earrings at the end of the leg pants. Moreover, this collection related naughty girls attitude by playing with ironic words including "CF no CC", "Used like new" or even "Need Repair!" to matchup with vivid colors shirt or feminine printed daisy dresses. It's time for "Riot Girl" to make their way for the Matter Makers newest street wear collection. Let's be passionate and enchanted with "Matter is magic" style.

........Matter makers is the new streetwear brand under the concept of 'exCOOLsive'. The word has been creatively made up by combining two descriptive words which are Exclusive and Cool to form a new word that reflects Gen ME's personality and lifestyle - 'Exclusively Cool'. matter makers' designs are not only modern and original but also own a unique attitude. The designs are under the creative direction of Romrujee Chuaiprasit. Romrujee Chuaiprasit, graduated from Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, is the emerging designer who has won various memorable fashion design awards. matter makers marks the major step of her career as appointed as the creative director. For matter makers, she joins forces with 'Pimporn Metchanun' and 'Thammatat Liangthammarut' to evoke the coolness to Gen ME.
........Matter makers aims at 'Gen ME' - not only teenagers but all social media junkies of every age who embrace the sense of self importance and social responsibility. For them, every issue is of concern: music, art, fashion, society, politics, gender, etc. Also, social media is not just for convenience but it is a great medium for learning and marking their opinions to help push the world forward.

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